Factors that Affect the Life Span of Women’s Lace Wigs

If you are aware of the factors that can affect the life span of your lace wigs then you can focus on how to take good care of it. First and foremost, you need to maintain cleanliness by washing the unit at least once every two weeks with warm or cold water.

Cleanliness major affects this kind of investment because dirty ones lead to more problems like slippage and tangling. You need to provide specialized wig accessories like comb, shampoo and conditioner to ensure high quality. Aside from that, you need to learn the proper way to handle the delicate unit such as when cleaning with the unit on or removed as well as when you encountered tangles.

You also need to know the possible effects of braiding, sleeping with the unit on, perm treatments and other drastic moves. Some chemicals are also harmful for the hair wig unit such as chlorine, salt water and hair treatment chemicals. You need to equip yourself with the idea that shedding is normal as well as slippage and dry ends are preventable. Better check this site once in a while so that you can read further the details on the next posts.

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