How to Free-Style Part Women’s and Men’s Wigs

Sometimes you get tired of the typical look that the wig presents especially when you first received it flowing straight back and stayed as is. If you want to attain a different look by utilizing the same lace hair wig unit, you need to learn how to have it a freestyle parting using a comb in any direction that you want.

For example, if you want your hair wig to part on the right side or in the middle, you will encounter some difficulty because the hair strands do not seem to flow in the direction you would like. This article can give you some tips on how these stubborn hairpieces will obey your commands. Here’s how.

First you need to wet the hair wig by using a spray bottle if the unit is already attached to your head or use a faucet if not. Now use a specialized wig comb preferably flat ones and comb the hair in the direction you want it to flow. Let the hair wig dry before you style it the way you want or even if you like to cut some bangs.

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