Natural Looking Women’s Wig Parts

What is the idea of having all natural when it comes to wig application? Can you imagine yourself wearing an accessory that does not complement to your skin color or your matching outfits?

If you do, you know that even an ugly little piece can totally ruin a masterpiece if placed together. For this article, we will consider the person and its wig unit as the masterpieces while the wig parts as the possible ugly ones.

To prevent a possible disaster, you need to consider everything and put them into its right places. If you want to have wig parts that blend with your natural colors then here’s how.

Using a foundation powder brush, lightly place your shade of foundation on the non-sticky back of the transparent bandage tape before you place it inside the desired wig part which is about ¼ inches away from the hairline. The idea is that the tape won’t be shiny at all so you don’t need to have retouches as you enjoy your wig style.

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