Quality Blonde Lace Wigs By De Novo

If you think about one thing when you buy a wig and if you’re planning on showing your forehead the first thing that you need to consider is whether or not you should buy a lace wig. Let me give you the answer: YES!!!

Lace wigs are amazing and whenever I can get my hands on one for a good price, then I’m all in. They really help with making things look natural which I am all about when I wear a wig. Now I can’t handle this color but I’m more than happy to give out some suggestions for this particular manufacturers. So let’s dig into quality blonde lace wigs by De Novo.

De Novo wigs aren’t among the lines that I’m familiar with which is why I did what I always do when I know nothing about a subject. I took to the internet and Google. De Novo is one of the most trusted brands of wig makers today because all of their products are specially crafted by hand. Bonus is the fact that they make custom wigs that includes lace and lace front. Also and this may up the price a bit but De Novo is a luxury brand, but all of their wigs are made of human hair so that means that it can take a low heat and can be styled in various ways that even the best synthetics can’t.

First let me say that while I acknowledge that De Novo is one of the better wig makers, their line isn’t up to my personal style. So for me these are a pass but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know quality when I see it.

Like I said not my personal taste, I know this is real hair but I’m not a fan of the color and the style of the wig. That’s just me though. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t recommend it however. Just because I don’t like doesn’t mean that I don’t recommend it. It’s a full lace, human hair wig. That’s enough to get a check from me. Also because it’s human hair that means it can be restyled though I would recommend going to a wig shop and having them work on it instead. And like I said if you want quality blonde lace wigs by De Novo you can always get a custom made wig that’s more to your tastes. Either way because their base is human hair you’ve got a lot of options.