Sleeping and Slipping Women’s Wigs

This article will try to hit two birds with one stone by discussing two factors that affects the women’s wigs. For any personal reason that you want to rest for several hours with your wig unit on, you better make a couple of big braids in your hair wig.

You also need to do the same when going to swim or exercise. But before you braid it, make sure that you already untangled your hair. You should never sleep with a wet hair wig on because it will likely to cause hair to be very matted. If braiding seems impossible or difficult, you can wear your hair wig up in a very high pony tail which works for most curly or wavy hair units.

Now it is time to discuss slipping or slippage that may happen during the life of your full lace wig. To prevent this from occurring, constantly apply firm pressure on the attachment site especially after taking a shower. This action will help the attachment on the scalp area stay firmly. You can also use retouch adhesives in case of slipping or lifting.

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