Wigs For The Modern Day

Wigs have come a long way, from being an acceptable fashion piece for the wealthy to turning into something that most of the population wore, then becoming a source of shame and ridicule, and now once again becoming an accessory that more and more people wear.  It’s amazing to see wigs for the modern day and realize that this product has been in the collective minds of the world for centuries.

Wigs have become more like hair accessories and really an acceptable fashion choice.  Look at modern day celebrities, many of the top stars in Hollywood and in music use wigs and extensions.  Even Miley Cyrus admitted that the majority of her hair was made up of extensions during her Hannah Montana years.  Of course there are other reasons as to why people wear wigs for example losing hair during chemotherapy, losing hair during natural aging and baldness, if you’re an actor, events and Halloween parties, and of course conventions like Comic-con.  For whatever reason why you decide to wear a wig, be proud of it.  If it makes you look good why be ashamed.