How to Bleach Women’s Wigs

Bleach should be handled with care because it may cause damage to the plastic caps and synthetic fibers of synthetic and human hair wigs. But if you are eager to try bleaching, you need to secure first a lace wig.

To create a natural-looking wig unit, lighter color of the purchased wig is what most women want. This can be attained by bleaching the piece before the wigs are knotted. To do it yourself, equip yourself with gloves and place the lace on the foam head. On a container, mix well two tablespoon bleach powder and two tablespoon developer.

Test the mixture on the unseen back part to make sure it will not damage the hair. If you are satisfied with the result, you can spread it evenly in downward motion. After you got your desired color of wig you can now shampoo and condition the wig as well as seal the knots as usual.

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