How often should you Brush your Lace Front Wig?

Sometimes it is imperative for you to buy lace front wigs that you overlooked the necessary elements on how to take care of your investment. You can easily search the internet or just visit this site for more tips.

Well, let’s go back to what I am saying. The basic of wig care should be known by almost everybody just like knowing how to brush your teeth. However, I must admit that I became aware of this information only on the time that I started writing for this blog but I must say additional knowledge is important.

So how to keep your wig tangle-free depends how often you brush it properly. Brush you lace front wig at least once a day as well as before and after washing it to prevent tangles. The idea of brushing is not to pull the hair strands so it won’t be removed from the weave.

Aside from that, brush the wig from the tips going to the roots. You should also invest on good quality brush or comb for this purpose. If you bought a wig with curly locks, you should use a wide-toothed comb. You can also opt to use leave-in conditioners to maintain moisture and prevent dryness.

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