How to Store your Inexpensive Lace Front Wig

Even if you did not spend so much on a lace front wig, you need to take good care of it so that it will last longer. Your cheap lace front wig should be stored properly to keep it good looking for at least one year.

Why would you buy inexpensive wig in a first place? The reason may be as a trial wig or just for a costume party. Whatever it is, the wig can be enjoyed much with proper care and storage. So how would you store it? Is it expensive to do so? Even if storing your accessory on a wig stand will require some bucks, it is a smart move for you because you can also use it as a drying stand after washing as well as a styling stand.

The wig stand will stretch out the wig cap and thus will keep the wig in good shape. So where can you have a wig stand? If you can get one from the wig store, you can make your own buy attaching rubber Styrofoam balls to wooden sticks.

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