Lace Front Wigs according to your Face

If you have been visiting the beauty salon for you real hair cut then you already know about the effect of certain hairstyles on your face’s shape. Some hair style complements the shape of your face while others don’t.

Choosing the style of your lace front wig also depends on the shape of your face so it is one of the considerations just like color and texture. Here are some tips on which lace front wig should you use. If you have an oval face, choose any style of the wig while if you have round face choose wigs that can lengthen the face.

These are wigs that are sleek in the sides with a little more volume and height at the top. If your face is pear-shaped look for wigs that have more width and volume at the top while on the sides have a much sleeker silhouette. Those with square faces must choose wigs that have layered sides that will show narrower jaw line by creating an illusion.

Lastly, for those that have heart-shaped faces, the jaw line must appear wider using wigs. In the end, the decision is still yours according to your personal preference and lifestyle.

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