What is a Lace Front Wig?

lace front wig


Lace front wigs are currently the big thing on the market.  Most of the higher quality wig manufacturers use them in their lines.  Lace front has become the thing in wigs and I personally love them.

So what is a lace front wig?  Well the simple answer is that their wigs that are designed with a lace front that mimics the natural hair line.  Only the front half of the wig is made of lace allowing the wearer to part the wig (either natural or high quality synthetic) to part the wig anyway they want.  This allows for a more natural look that other wigs just can’t mimic.  This is different from a full lace wig that allows the wearer to do more with the hair.

Let me give you a quick example with a full lace wig, you could if you wanted put the hair up into a high ponytail or various updos depending on the length.  Because the wig is full lace there would be nothing there to show that the hair isn’t real.  This is very different from lace front wigs.  Like I said they only cover the front of the hair letting you part it, but try and put it up and people will be able to clearly tell that you are wearing a wig.

What else makes lace front wigs different from others? Well they need to be applied onto your hair.  You’ll need to use wig glues and tapes to fix the hair to your head.  Once the lace is stuck onto wear you’ve applied the glue, it’ll quickly bond sealing the wig onto your head.  Some lace wigs now come with whispy hair on the sides and front to help cover up any lace that might stick out and create that natural hairline.  Please note that if you do use a lace front wig, because of the glue the wig will stick onto your hair for at least a week.  Also you’ll need to use special brushes and shampoos for maintenance and removal.

So if you want more information, then you’ll have to get it from the makers of the wigs as they usually make special glues and shampoos for their wigs.