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If you have made your way to this section of the website, you are likely on a hunt for information about hair wigs that will either help you make a purchase and you want to be informed about all the details needed, or you are interested in getting background info about wigs to better understand both them and everything related to them. If that is the case, then you are definitely in the right place to get all of those details. Below are all of the sections of this website that are setup to help you get all the details you need about wigs of all kinds.

History Of Wigs – As you may or may not know, wigs go back as far as 1000s of years so there is plenty of things to learn and consider in relation to them. Here you will find a variety of info and details that focuses on how wigs have been a part of many societies over the years.

Where To Buy Wigs Online – Interested in finding some of the best places are online to buy wigs? If so, in this area you will find a long list of wig stores that you can order wigs from while browsing online and you can checkout using your credit card and the wig will be shipped directly to your home.

Why Wear A Wig – Do you know why so many people and cultures around the world wear hair wigs? For many it is confusing to see a person that has a full head of hair wear a wig. And there are others who do not realize that many people, due to medical issues, decide to wear wigs because of thinning hair or balding.

Wig Care – It is a well known fact that the better you take care of something, the longer it will last, and this is true of hair wigs. In this section you will a lot of tips and details on how to care for and maintain your hair wig to ensure that the life of the wig is long as possible. We also review products that you might consider purchasing to help maintain, clean, condition, and help keep its shape.

Wigs For Cancer Patients – There is nothing like having a mental image of ourselves that we have had for our entire life, then it changes because of something we cannot control. Whether that change is sudden or progressive, it can be very difficult to experience… especially when it comes to what some call our crown of beauty… our hair. Having a wig that suits us can be just what is needed to help get through this difficult situation, and in this section you will see others who have been through this and the wigs they are using.

Wig Glue

wig glue1

Once you really delve into the world of wigs and realize all the variety of pieces out there, there will come a time when you start wearing wigs that need to be firmly attached to your hair.  I’m talking lace front wigs and the like.  To make sure the wig doesn't stick and stays applied ...

What is a Lace Front Wig?

lace front wig

  Lace front wigs are currently the big thing on the market.  Most of the higher quality wig manufacturers use them in their lines.  Lace front has become the thing in wigs and I personally love them. So what is a lace front wig?  Well the simple answer is that their wigs that are designed with a ...

Wig Stores in NYC


  If you happen to live in the New York or New Jersey area, it’s important that you know where to find quality wigs.  And while I am a fan of getting products online and there are some great retailers that offer really high quality pieces from the best designers and manufacturers on the scene. But before ...

How to Style a Wig


  So you bought yourself a wig and there’s a lot that you like about it. You love the color, you may even love the length but there’s something about the style that you don’t like. Maybe it’s the part, maybe it’s the bangs, who know it’s your personal taste that’s been infringed upon.  Or it could ...

How to Make a Wig Cap


A newbie might not know this but when wearing a wig especially a high end wig (one that you want to last), it’s important that you keep your real hair as flat as possible.  This is so that it doesn't distort the wig and ruin the illusion. I take double precautions by braiding my hair flat ...

Wig Stores in NJ


  New Jersey isn't really known for it’s wig scene.  Really the best and well known places to go and find wigs are areas of the country like the south (Atlanta being one of the best especially for black women) and New York. But most states do have wig stores and New Jersey is no exception to ...

We’re Back Online!


We are happy to FINALLY announce that we're back and in full force! Those of you that have stuck with us over the years may have noticed go through of a variety of changes and adjustments. Back in the year 2000, if you recall, we prided ourselves on making the claim of being the "world's ...

Spiky Shag Tina Turner Wig

Let’s face it, Tina Turner is one of the greatest performers in history.  And aside from her legs one of her most prominent attributes is her hair.  Now Tina’s worn it long and short, but the most iconic look for her has always been that wild shaggy Private Dancer/What’s love got to do with it ...

Tina Turner Wigs

It’s pretty easy to forget that Ms. Tina Turner has had more than one hairstyle in her time.  Let’s face it when you think of Tina Turner, the first thing that comes to mind is that 80’s hair.  Spiky, high, shaggy, deep honey base, and black roots it’s truly an iconic look that’s been imprinted ...

Kat Von D Wigs With Highlights

Kat Von D is famous for two things, her tattoos and her wild hair.  It seems like every month she debuts a new hairstyle.  It ranges but we’ve seen her with highlights, blue hair, blonde hair, and even as a redhead. Of course while I admire her adventurous nature, there is not telling the amount ...