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Hair wigs date back to more than 1000 years ago, and for that reason their history is full and very rich. For those that are not too familiar with wigs may be surprised to know this, but when they take a moment to consider what exposure to wigs they have already had… they might be shocked to find out how often wigs are used. In many countries people use currency that has a picture of a historical figure wearing a wig, or they may remember what and who they studied in their history class growing up and remember that most if not all of those individuals wore wigs. In today’s society many people think wigs may not be used as much as they were in times past, but they are often shocked to find that they are used just as much if not more.

The difference is that wigs in modern times often are not worn with as much pride as they were in times past since in those days wearing a wig was a sign of prominence and prestige. Often times the wealthy were the only ones who would consider spending their hard earned money on something like a hair wig, since most people could naturally grow their own hair naturally… let alone spending extra money that they may not have had in the first place on something like a wig.

There were some era’s that no matter whether or not a person was rich or poor that would be sure to decorate themselves with a hair wig. What may have separated their wig from that of the wealthy is the extravagant designs and and style of the ones those who were well to do had. There are both reports and pictures of ones who went to to the extreme to make their wig different and stand out among everyone around them at the time. Some of the wigs from the 15th and 16th century at times were nearly the size of the upper torso of the wearer, and even in some extreme women were even seen wearing a wig that contained a bird cage with a live bird in it.

But long before the days mentioned above, in ancient times wigs were worn in civilizations like that of Egypt. Ancient Egyptians as you may or may not know usually shaved their heads bald due to the fact that many felt and believe it would be more comfortable to have no hair on the head due to the extreme temperatures that Egypt is known to have. The other reason, some report, that they shaved their heads is because lice was a problem then, and without hair… lice pretty much isn’t an issue. Since they often times were shaved bald, they would use wigs when there would be prolonged exposure to the sun, in order for them to protect their head.

In time wigs became a stamp of your economic status in that part of the world in those day, and that seems to be when wigs really became popular and a must have addition to a person’s wardrobe. In those days people wore wigs that were made out of vegetable fibers, real human hair, or sheep wool. It was not uncommon to see new styles of wigs being introduced to the society with styles of hair braiding, gold ornaments, pieces of ivory, etc.

So as you can see, wigs have come a long way over the years. Although they are not often designed in a way to bring attention to the wearer like they were in the past, they are often worn to give the appearance of the wearer actually having natural locks that are worthy of the admiration of others. Below you will see articles that cover various historical aspects of wigs, so be sure to take a look.

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