Wig Stores in NJ



New Jersey isn’t really known for it’s wig scene.  Really the best and well known places to go and find wigs are areas of the country like the south (Atlanta being one of the best especially for black women) and New York.

But most states do have wig stores and New Jersey is no exception to that rule.  As I now live in the Garden State it was important to me to search out great places to buy wigs and I did find some spots that were okay even though I still kind of prefer looking online.

So where did I go?  Trenton, Hamilton, and Newark are all good places to start.  I’ve found a good spot in all these areas to buy my wigs when I first moved to the state.  Now you might disagree with my choices which is fine with me, but I do recommend that you check them out.  Remember the most important thing about choosing a wig shop is deciding on an area that you feel comfortable with going in and making a purchase.

My personal favorite is in Hamilton because they also sell extensions, and wig care products which are essential and they had an on base wig maker who helped me a lot with measuring and styling.  So first do your research, hop onto your favorite search engine and look for locations near you.  Once you find something go down and check it out.  Look at all their wigs, check out their human hair products, ask if you can talk to their wig maker, just do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable with your purchase.

Remember that your wig store is your personal base before making online purchases, you can always go there for supplies and basic maintenance so choosing the right store for you is important.