Wig Stores in NYC



If you happen to live in the New York or New Jersey area, it’s important that you know where to find quality wigs.  And while I am a fan of getting products online and there are some great retailers that offer really high quality pieces from the best designers and manufacturers on the scene.

But before you venture online I do recommend figuring out what styles and sizes works for you.  Yes most wigs are one size fits all, with some exceptions, and yes you can buy a color swatch to know how the wig makers colors look on you (can I just say that I highly recommend doing this), but I also believe that you should go to a wig store before making any internet purchase first.

Most wig shops have highly qualified wig makers on sight (you may have to make an appointment), you can try pieces on at the store and really see what kind of style you can pull off.  Trust me knowing what looks you can pull off before hand will spare you from paying top dollar for a wig that just isn’t quite right.  Also on-site you buy a lot of great wig accessories and maintenance sets for a great value.

For those near NYC there are some shops floating around in the Harlem and Brooklyn areas but my favorite place to go is Queens, specifically Jamaica Avenue.  When I lived in Queens as a kid my mother would take me and my brother there at least twice a month (specifically because they had an amazing library and I was and am still a bit of a nerd) for clothes, books, and hair care products.  As an adult I’ve visited the area many times and some of my favorite shops are located there.  I’ve bought a lot of my favorite clips, wig brushes, shampoos, and of course wigs at these stores.  I know what looks good on my current frame (let’s just say that I need to drop a bit of weight to pull of the mid-back length) because I’m able to try on wigs and really see what colors and lengths work for me.  So I encourage NYC dwellers to check these places out and really see what you’re into.  You might find a couple of gems.