How to Make a Wig Cap


A newbie might not know this but when wearing a wig especially a high end wig (one that you want to last), it’s important that you keep your real hair as flat as possible.  This is so that it doesn’t distort the wig and ruin the illusion.

I take double precautions by braiding my hair flat or wrapping it depending on my mood and how long I plan on wearing my piece.  Regardless wearing a wig cap, especially when you buy a high end wig, is a really important part of the process.  Wigs (human hair especially) get dirty over time and that dirt from sweat etc… can ruin the wig over time.  Sure there are wig shampoos but the less you have to wash your wig the better.

Wig caps aren’t expensive but needs must.  In a pinch or to save a bit of money it’s pretty simple to just make your own.  And looking online over the years there are several different methods. Really a pair of stockings or pantyhose come in handy.  My first suggestion is making sure that you don’t get a size that’ll pinch your head there’s no reason to cause yourself any unnecessary pain.

After that it’s pretty simple, put the end of your head.  Tie it as close to your scalp as humanely possible and then snip off the end.  And there you have it.  Of course you can probably find cheap wig caps at a dollar store but if you can’t then old and useless pantyhose and stocking will do the trick.

how to make a wig cap2

how to make a wig cap3