How to Put Women’s Wigs On

Sometimes you can have hesitations on how to move especially if your little action can ruin everything. It is like having a surprise birthday party for your loved one that you act so weird and funny to make it done perfectly.

However, I will not talk about being brave or lessening the stage fright on this article. What I will discuss is how to put a women’s wig on when this accessory is a good investment of yours. You don’t want to waste your money for nothing, right? You would want to maximize the use of your new-found happiness. Then let me help you do this procedure properly. First, hold the wig carefully and give it a gentle shake. Inspect the wig and identify the parts namely front and back. If this one is difficult, try looking at the label that goes well with the back part.

Check also the Velcro tabs for sizing that you will need to adjust later on. Place the wig upside down so you can have a look of the wig inside where the back part with the label is on top. With your hands on each side of the label, get the wig and slip over the head starting at the headline towards the neck. The front part should now be on the front hairline and adjust the Velcro for a good fit.

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