How to Style a Wig



So you bought yourself a wig and there’s a lot that you like about it. You love the color, you may even love the length but there’s something about the style that you don’t like.

Maybe it’s the part, maybe it’s the bangs, who know it’s your personal taste that’s been infringed upon.  Or it could just be a simple case of giving an older wig a fresh and modern new look.

Well that’s not really that easy.  Only high quality synthetics and human hair wigs are optimal for receiving those kinds of changes without completely destroying the wig.  And it takes practice, a lot of practice depending on what you want to do.  Human hair wigs take change better than a lot of synthetics so if you do by fake you’ll have to make sure that it can take things like heat.  That information should be easily available when you buy the wig.

Next, I really do suggest going to a wig shop and having a professional style the wig for you.  It might cost a little but at least you’ll have a great looking new wig.  But if you’re determined to D.I.Y it then here’s so helpful tips that can get you set on your way.  First make sure that any products that you use on the wig from shampoos to brushes are meant to be used on wigs.  Regular brushes will tear a wig apart, so make sure to buy wig specified brands. Wig brushes and care products are pretty easy to find as most websites that sell different wig brands do sell them.  Or if you buy from a certain brand I would suggest going to their website as they might have their own specific products especially  when it comes to shampoos

Now if you plan on dying your wig, again I would like to see you go to a professional, but you can also do this yourself.  Remember though that dying a wig is a lot different from dying your natural hair and there are a lot of different methods depending on whether or not you’re working with synthetics or real hair.  With synthetics there’s a little more room for error and I’ve seen everything from actual wig dye to people coloring the hair with permanent marker.  But for wigs with real hair I suggest using wig dye which is not that easy to find.

My advice?  Do your homework, watch guides on YouTube, ask questions and get help from wig shops, read up on the matter and practice all you can to get the work down.  Once you do you’ll be styling like the pros do.