Women’s Wigs and Hairpieces – How To Take Care Of Them

Just like your natural hair, women’s wigs and hairpieces can possibly gather up dirt and other residue as part of its normal wear. But if it is made out of synthetic hair, you need not wash it everyday. In fact, you should wash it as seldom as possible so that it won’t appear so dull. If you happen to be wearing it almost everyday, all throughout the day, then you can wash it every after 4 to 6 times of wearing it.

Fill up the sink with some cold water and add some custom shampoo made especially for women’s wigs and hairpieces. Soak it in for around 1-2 minutes. Rinse it gently still in cold water and do not comb it. Spray some leave on conditioner if possible and place it on a towel and just expose it for natural air drying. Do not ever force it to be agitated for this could totally ruin it.

Photo via glamazini.typepad.com