Wigs for Cancer Patients and Alopecia

What you should look for a wig specially designed for cancer patients and other causes of alopecia? In the market, full lace wigs or full cranial prosthesis is available for this purpose.

Just like the typical full lace wigs, the purpose is to hide a bald spot for aesthetic purpose. It needs to be expertly handmade where each hair strand is carefully hand tied to give an illusion as though it is coming from one’s scalp. The full lace wig should not contain any harmful substances that can cause adverse reaction to the patient.

For a good look, it can be custom made according to user’s specification like color, head size, length and texture. The material can be made of premium quality Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, Malaysian and Indian Remy where the invisible hairline has a natural look. Check the type of lace base if it is one of the newest, most innovative and natural looking bases on the market today.

pic via helpfulhealthtips.com